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live in harmony with nature
wake up every morning to the sounds of the african bush, get dressed and head to work, why not! come and stay for a weekend, a week, or longer and enjoy the same. It is supremely natural for humans to live in harmony with our natural flora and fauna. The indigenous plants and animals of the area. It’s a shame that we only enjoy living with nature when we go on safari or holiday, or to a farm where the animals are more than likely on death row.  Why not live in harmony with nature now.  Not just with farm animals but real game.  Why not enjoy a Sunday afternoon horseback ride with giraffe and elephants.

game walks
join our game guide for an exhilarating walk in nature

photo safari
capture africa's most beautiful animals on your own camera

game viewing on horse back
get closer to game and higher up on horseback

animal breeding
feed baby animals and donate towards african wildlife regeneration

game drives
enjoy wonderful african game from the comfort of our game vehicles

help control aged or crowded game


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