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The key to inter-faith harmony lies in respecting other religions, bringing up our children in a world that encourages human values and a sense of oneness with others. When we understand that human values exist in all the great religions and traditions; when we glimpse the humanity of believers of other faiths; and when we know that truth is expressed outside your own religion, then narrow-mindedness, the root of terrorism and exclusivity, will not survive.  Whether you are deep into your own religious practices, or simply enjoy being close to a beautiful sunset you are welcome to express it whole heartedly within our ecovillage. Go beyond tolerance to respect, wonder and love for diversity.

The progress of a community requires the contribution of each individual. In an atmosphere of communal tensions and social divides, progress and unity suffers the most. This is an enormous challenge for the world. Close-knit communities are divided on the basis of faith, social strata, landlords and farmers, family feuds and social misunderstanding. The Art of Living has proved to be a significant bridge between these estranged communities.

By bringing together individuals of all backgrounds through stress-elimination programs and community gatherings, religious and social differences are brought down. The larger good of society is given a priority.


As a continuation of our stress relief and trauma relief programs, youth volunteers conduct satsangs (community celebrations) on a regular basis in villages. There are so many divides in every community – such as racial, cultural, lingual and religious. Satsangs act as a community-building exercise where people from the entire community come together, regardless of age, race, culture. This is the time when the pressures and strains of daily struggles are dropped and people immerse themselves in laughter, music, meditation and dance. Whether it is in a community hall, in the fields, in a shed or around a tree – satsangs are an occasion that uplifts the entire community. It creates and enlivens a sense of belonging and community spirit in all the participants.

Reviving Human Values

Children participate and have a sense of community and belonging from a young age. This type of security in children is priceless as children turn into adults. They mature with a sense of belonging with the community and are not limited to thinking only of themselves and their nuclear family, but also think about the well-being of friends and neighbors. It’s a space where people are accepted and uplifted no matter who they are and where they come from. A progressive society is nurtured and values of sharing and caring are revived. Human values dawn throughout the community through regular satsang. The community is infused with a spirit of celebration by bringing people together in joy and harmony.


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