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Most people think back to school days and remember it so fondly, community seems to be lost when we hit the real world and we would like to bring that back.  When you pool your resources together you can build amazing facilities for all to enjoy together.  Today we find ourselves living behind walls, working towards the American dream of having the best car, best house, all the amenities, guest facilities at home, TV’s in each room etc etc.  This is raping the earth of it’s resources, there is enough for everyone and if we’re smart about it we can enjoy better surroundings.  Sharing it and having more fun.

What will be unique about the restaurant is we’ll encourage everyone to have most of their meals there, cooked by a professional, fresh, tasty and healthy.  You can invite family and friends along from outside the community.  You can order take out if you’d prefer to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own home.  You can also stay and cook at home if you feel like it but you’ll probably find the convenience of the centre 2nd to none.

This is what we’d like to offer from the community centre. 

•    Various Courses
•    Yoga & Exercise Classes
•    Weddings & Events
•    Restaurant
•    Conference Centre
•    Internet Cafe & Business Centre
•    Child Minding Services
•    Health Spa & Shop
•    E-learning
•    Picnics
•    Library
•    Movie Theatre
•    Playground
•    Water park
•    Sporting Facilities
•    Fruit Juice Bar
•    Community Centre



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