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The core concept of this Ecovillage is to create a place where humans live self sufficiently and sustainably as a community with nature. It includes having fun, maintaining a peaceful mind and a healthy disease free body throughout your life, regardless of your age and culture.

Living sustainably with nature
Living sustainably is the only way humans are going to survive on earth in the medium to long term.

Relaxed, stress free mind
A relaxed and stress free mind is our birth right.  One of our goals is to teach and promote this peaceful way of being.

Harmony in diversity
Whether you are deep into your own religious practices, or simply enjoy being close to a beautiful sunset you are welcome.

Simple living
The earth has enough for our needs if properly managed.  Living simply removes you from attachments and entanglements.

Community living
Living in a community is a fun way to live. Benefits include communal ideals and values, self-sufficiency and maximizing the use of resources.

Healthy, delicious diet
Optional community cooking and eating with world class chefs brings huge benefits. Food is delicious, it's fun eating together, save money and time.

Healthy body
Everyone knows that keeping fit is a key component to being healthy in body and in mind.  We encourage all forms of exercise.

Resort, Ecotourism, and Volunteer projects
Stay for a day, week or month or forever. Enjoy the resort style facilities including a world class restaurant, game viewing, water park, recreational sports, health spa and so much more.


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